2021 Slash and Bash Horror and Sci-Fi Movie Festival

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 Blackstone 2

 Dark Crystal

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I am lisa

Carmen Anello

Exposure actress


Eric Winkler-Writer

Eric I am Lisa

Born in North Kansas City, Eric Winkler graduated from Oak Park High School in KC, and later from the University of Missouri-kansas City with a degree in psychology. 

He is the father of Owen Winkler and Chase Winkler, and the husband of Sara DeMore. 

He formerly worked for The Kansas City Star, where he was a contributing writer and an award-winning columnist.


Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four



Fantastic Four 1


Jay Underwood

jay Underwood

 From his breakout role in "the Boy who Could Fly" to 'Sonny Bono' in "The Sonny and Cher Story" to appearances at the Sundance Film Festival, Jay Underwood has enjoyed a career of much diversity both in the parts he's played and the mediums he's played in.

Underwood began his theatrical pursuits while growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and then went to preforming arts high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was there that Underwood received his "big break" into the movie buisness when he was chosen from a national casting search to play opposite Annabeth Gish, and John Voight in executive producer Robert Redford's "Desert Bloom".  From there he moved to 'Tinseltown' where, for over 20 years, he made a living as a working actor.

Underwood's film credits include three Sundance Film Festival participants "Dancing in September", "Valerie Flake", and "Possums."  Other highlights are Billy Graham's "Road to Redemption", Alan Rudolph's "Afterglow", the Roger Corman cult classic "The Fantastic Four", 'Bug' in "Uncle Buck" with john Candy, and Underwood's personal Favorite, the title character in "The Boy Who Could Fly."

On the small screen Underwood had the incredible oppurtunity of portraying 'Sonny Bono' in "The Sonny and CHer Story" for ABC.  He also is remembered for the lovable android 'Chip' in the Disney Channel trilogy "Not Quite Human".  Other favorites would include young 'Ernest Heminway' in the "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," the mini series "Blind Faith" with Robert Urich and "Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone" with the original Marshal himself, Hugh O'Brien.  Notable guest appearances include "Miracles", "X-Files," "E.R.", "the West Wing", "Star Trek Voyager" and "Millennium."  And finally, the voice of 'Chester' the goat in the classic animated Christmas special "the Legend of the Candy Cane."

More recently, Underwood felt God's call on his life to pursue full time Christian ministry.  After starting seminary in 2003, he became a youth pastor and then after graduation in 2007, a full time pastor in a small northern California mountain town.  He now lives in "God's Country" with his wife, six children and a menagerie of pets.  Says Underwood, "I imagine someday standing before the Lord and if He were to ask me what I did with the life that He gave me, I don't want to merely list off my acting credits which are things that really don't have a lot of eternal value, but I want to hear those words from Jesus, "Well done good and faithful servant" because I used the gifts that He gave me to serve Him."  that being said, Underwood was convinced to come out of retirement to participate in the Christian movie "No Greater Love," produced by Coram Deo Studios, of wich he is particularly proud to be a part of.  To God be the glory!





Directed By Marty Langford

MArty Langford



The Stylist

The Stylist

 HOUSE OF WAX (1953)

House of Wax 1953



House on Haunted Hill 1959


THE RAVEN (1963)

The Raven 1963

Victoria Price

(Unable to attend in 2021 due to COVID.  Will be back in 2022!)

 Victoria Price

Victoria Price brings her unique story to the National and International stageas an author, inspirational speaker, blogger, consultantVictoria Price brings her unique story to the National and International stageas an author, inspirational speaker, blogger, consultant, coach and interspiritual minister.

Following in her father's footsteps, Victoria has become a popular speaker on a wide range of inspirational topics, as well as the life of her famous father, Vincent Price.

Along with writing her popular blog, Daily Practice of Joy, Victoria is the author of three books.

In 2016, after living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a quarter century, Victoria began a nomadic life.  Four years later, she remains "intentionally homeless" and still lives on the road with her dog Allie., coach and interspiritual minister.



Exposure 2

Carmen Anello

Exposure actress


Austin Snell-Director

Austin Snell




Austin Snell is an independent filmmaker from Kansas. He never attended film school, but instead cut his teeth as a production assistant at Gizmo pictures during his high school years. After making a couple micro-budget movies used as fundraisers for various charities, his debut feature film "Exposure" was released in 2018 and was featured on the Showtime networks. He currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and dogs where he works full time as a graphic designer/photographer. In his spare time he collects and restores 16mm film prints.



Backwoods Bubba

Dilynn Fawn Harvey-Actress from Backwoods Bubba

Dilynn Fawn Harvey

Dilynn is an actree who has been working in the horror genre for about 7 years. 

She has been steadily working with Todd Sheets and his crew on various projects between shorts for anthologies and feature films.

Dilynn has worked with other directors as well, including newcomer Brad thomasson. 

She is mostly known for, "Dreaming Purple Neon", "Bonehill Road", and "Clownado".

She recently finished up "Backwoods Bubba" last fall and is now currently working on a new project with Todd Sheets, that info will be shared laster this year.



 Crock Pot

Ty Jones-Director of Crock-Pot

Ty Headshot

Ty Jones erupted from the womb ready to be a filmaker.  He's been writing since he was seven, but once he started making films, he knew he had discovered the purpose for his volcanic imagination.

Ten years ago, Ty picked up an 8mm camera and shot his first film.  Since then, he has studied with the Hollywood Film Institute in Chicago and in Los Amgeles with Dov Simmons, who also helped Spike Lee and Quentin Taratino begin their careers.  Over the last 10 years, Ty has directed almost 40 short films, some of which have played around the world at film festivals.  he has also worked on over 200 projects, such as commercials for NASCAR, Walmart, Sprint and other national television programs.  Because Ty has learned the technical aspects of filmaking in all genres, he knows well how to express his creativity in a way that touches a person's emotional core, excites the viewer, and makes the audience laugh.

Ty knows how to tell a story.

Ty has also studied ferociously the craft of acting for the last 8 years.  This pursuit has made him a better actor, but more importantly, his studies have enabled him to better communicate as a director with his actors to get their best performances.  After working with Ty, Jeff Burr, a respected filmmaker with over 20 feature credits to his name, asked Ty to come to LA to work on Jeff's latest feature, "The Devils' Den".  Ty moved to LA and worked on numerous features, learning the ins and outs of Hollywood and the film industry.  Ty returned to KC to shoot his first feature film, "Last Breath".  It played around the world and got distribution.  Recently he's shooting his next film and prepping for his next feature to be shot next year.


The Torturer

The Torturer


Directed by Joe Manco

Joe Manco




 Leif Jonker

Darkness maker


Side Hustle

Led By Jake Livgren

Thursday @ 6:30!!

Side Hustle



Come dressed as your favorite character and show up at 5 on Saturday night where we will have an adult and a kids contest!

We will have our celebrities judge the adult contest!

We will have your fans judge the kid's contest!

Prizes will be given for both contests for the adults and the kids!

So, when you pay get into Slash and Bash you already entered to participate in to the costume contest because there's no extra charge!

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 All Night Friday and Saturday Afternoon!

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